We are interested in publishing books that provide a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist view on philosophy, social issues, economics or history.

If you would like to submit your writing for consideration, please complete the following book proposal before sending us your entire manuscript:

I. Cover page: proposed title, author name

The cover page should include your proposed title and author name. Although the title can be changed in the publication process, please provide a title (and subtitle if necessary) that best explains the content of your submission and grabs the reader’s attention. The author name can be your actual name or a pseudonym.

II. Abstract

Provide a brief abstract/summary of the book. Think of the back cover of published books and the best of these summaries: it should describe your project succinctly. Your abstract should be no more than 500 words.

III. Objectives and Purpose

Provide no more than three paragraphs outlining the reasons for why you wrote this book and what it is intended to accomplish politically, that is in line with the general political perspective of Foreign Languages Press. What can it provide the movement––historically, theoretically, and/or practically––that other books do not already provide? What theoretical aspects does it build on? What are some points of originality in your manuscript that are not in other works? Why are you the appropriate author for this proposed manuscript?

IV. Existing Literature

What is the other literature––both within and without the Marxist tradition––that deals with the same topic? How does your project engage with this literature, how does it differ, what gap does it fill, and/or what practical role does it fulfill? Contextualizing your work in these wider discussions, and demonstrating a familiarity with them, is key to a strong project.

V. Chapter Breakdown

Provide a list of the manuscript’s chapters and a paragraph synopsis for each one.

VI. Biographical details

Who are you, why is your perspective in this area meaningful? Although you do not have to be specific (security concerns are always relevant), you should provide an explanation regarding your theoretical and practical experience. This should include something about your experience as an organizer/activist as well as any credentials and publications you feel are relevant.

VII. Writing Sample

Instead of the entire manuscript, attach one chapter of the product. Select the chapter you feel provides the best representation of the project as a whole. If the proposal and the sample piques our interest we will request the entire manuscript.

All book proposals can be sent to:

[email protected]

We will strive to answer you within a month with feedback about your proposal.